8         d'b   o                           8     o
8         8     8                           8
8 .oPYo. o8P   o8P       .oPYo. .oPYo. .oPYo8    o8 .oPYo.
8 8oooo8  8     8  ooooo 8    8 .oooo8 8    8     8 8    8
8 8.      8     8        8    8 8    8 8    8     8 8    8
8 `Yooo'  8     8        8YooP' `YooP8 `YooP' 88  8 `YooP'
..:.....::..::::..:::::::8 ....::.....::.....:..::..:.....:
:::::::::::::::::::::::::8 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Welcome to left-pad.io!

## History

On March 22nd 2016, a terrible tragedy befell the Node.JS community. A popular
microframework for robust string expansion, `left-pad`, was removed from

This resulted in broken deploys worldwide, a sudden and complete inability to
appropriately zero-pad the fractional real cent value of many stock options,
and untold billions of dollars in economic damage to the still nascent startup
ecosystem of String Manipulation as a Service.

## A microservice saviour appears

In order to prevent such a terrible tragedy from occurring ever again during
our lifetimes, `left-pad.io` has been created to provide all the functionality
of `left-pad` AND the overhead of a TLS handshake and an HTTP request.

Less code is better code, leave the heavy lifting to `left-pad.io`, The String

## How do I make use of left-pad.io?

Simple! Just make a request to `https://api.left-pad.io`:

$ curl 'https://api.left-pad.io/?str=paddin%27%20oswalt&len=68&ch=@'
{"str":"@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@paddin' oswalt"}

The query parameter names `str`, `len`, and `ch` match the argument names of
our fallen comrade in left-stringist thought, `leftpad()`. May the Developer
Happiness achieved forever commemorate its sacrifice.

`left-pad.io` is 100% REST-compliant as defined by some guy on Hacker News with
maximal opinions and minimal evidence.

## Are there any limits?

Padding and the input string are limited to anywhere between 1000 and 1024
characters in the free version, because we have to monetize to have enough
runway to launch `right-pad.io` in Q3 2017 and annoying your customers into
upgrades is a tried and true startup business development strategy.

## Can I buy an enterprise license?

Yes. Email root@left-pad.io with your account and ABA routing numbers.

## Who?

2016 JavaScript Hero candidate @gabrielgironda.